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About Us

About Us

Some people have a problem with milk which starts when they are babies... Some grow out of it while others don’t. So if you are an adorable baby who hasn’t really changed... you may have gown up but not grown out of your intolerance to dairy products. Don’t worry – we are here for you

Having a member of the family with intolerance to most substances, whilst not life threatening, does make you think about your food. Many happy hours have passed reading food labels in the supermarket. Although, as a family, the wheat in our diet has been reduced, it seems much harder to remove diary products from many of our common foods. Most manufacturers only take out dairy if they remove the gluten as well.  This is a tough option because not everyone wants to take out the gluten (and my personal opinion is that if you remove gluten and dairy you might just as well eat the cardboard box it comes in!).


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