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What are we doing?

What are we Doing?   

At No Cows Allowed we are producing biscuits and cookies without using any dairy products. There are personal reasons for doing this (see ‘About Us’). However the bottom line is that if you are trying to live without consuming dairy products, it is not easy. You can cope with savoury foods (although you need to read a lot of labels) but the hard part is definitely the sweet foods, puddings and treats. And we all deserve treats …

Traditional cake baking, combined with meeting people who could not tolerate dairy products led to some experiments in dairy free home baking.. The resulting products allow people with dairy allergy or intolerance (or just those who want to take the option) to avoid dairy products.

Why Cookies and biscuits?

What do you give as a gift to somebody who has a dairy intolerance? You can’t send most chocolates and flowers are not always appropriate … So why not cookies or biscuits?

Experiments with baking using two non dairy alternatives – soya and sunflower - produced a variety of results. We have produced a small range of cookies and biscuits and have decided to concentrate on using sunflower margarine. Our aim is to initially see how much demand there is for dairy free products with cookies and biscuits and then expand our range accordingly.

Why No Cows?

Cows are great – we don’t have a problem with them … Some people think they are large, scary, worrying creatures (my friend knows who she is!). On the whole they are large intelligent docile creatures who produce milk – a great food source for many people in the world. Unfortunately milk does not suit everyone…

Allergies or intolerances take many different forms and this is a very ‘grey’ area – lets face it everybody is different. It does, however, seem that there are a lot of people (my family included) who have discomfort if they consume too much dairy produce - particularly the high fat items (eg. butter and cream). It may therefore be wise for you to limit the amount of dairy in your diet or you may know someone who does. Please note that nobody should give up dairy products unless they have taken advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

Personal experience shows that excess dairy consumption can cause phlegm which is obviously not beneficial to asthma sufferers. It seems that some singers avoid diary foods (presumably for the same reason) particularly prior to important performances. The medical advice remains divided – the asthma UK website ( has papers recommending children should have dairy but also that it could trigger an attack in adults.

Some people claim milk to be a skin irritant and it has been linked to atopic eczema and hives (urticaria) as well as some other skin conditions (See or one of the many sites giving information on dairy allergies).

There are a number of substances in dairy products, any of which may cause a problem for you. You really need to get to know your own body, see what works for you and make your own, informed, choice.

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